Monday, March 19, 2007

Bet on Horses

Bet on Horses

Bet on Horses with your Sportsbook

Nowadays sportsbooks are typically much more than just places to wager on sports. Many sportsbooks offer additional wagering services that offer you a comprehensive gambling package. Just like many brick and mortar casinos allow you to bet on more than just casino games, many internet sportsbooks now allow you to bet on more than just sports. One of these additional services is the ability to bet on horses with your sportsbook.

Betting on horses is one of the oldest forms of betting there is and it certainly has not lost its appeal. The Triple Crown, and especially the Kentucky Derby, is a massive betting event that is even more important than the Super Bowl in many betting circles. Many of the same gamblers who bet on sports are likely to bet on horses as well, so it is only logical that many of the top sportsbooks now provide horse betting services. However, many other sports bettors may feel quite comfortable wagering on football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, but are completely lost when it comes to horse betting because the terminology and wagers are completely different. This should be no deterrent to horse betting though because most sportsbooks teach you how to bet on horses so that you do not have to miss out on the horse racing excitement. Also, horse racing bets are often quite small, so it is easy to learn horse betting and work on your handicapping while incurring very little risk.

Some would say that betting racing online subtracts from the overall enjoyment and excitement of horse betting because you miss out on the experience of being at the track. It is true that a visit to the horse tracks can make for a great afternoon and every horse bettor should try to visit the tracks occasionally. But the fact of the matter is that betting on horses at the track simply is not very convenient for the vast majority of the population. Many people do not live anywhere near a horse track and even people who do may not always want to make the trip there. What beats being able to bet on horses while dressed in your pajamas and sitting on your bed with your laptop beside you?


Some people may think that betting on horses at a sportsbook would be awkward and only cause headaches, but in reality the opposite is the case. You are able to use your same sportsbook account and bankroll to wager in the racebook as the sportsbook. Therefore, you never have to worry about juggling accounts or keeping tabs on several different bankrolls. Also, you can often do your bankroll a favor by betting on horses with online sportsbooks because they sometimes offer special racebook bonuses such as rebates that can prove to be very valuable.